Pelion Trails

Pelion Trails-Designing the paths of Pelion

The course deals with the creation of small step scale interventions in the paths of Pelion in the context of the creation of a series of thematic path propositions.

The course was split in two parts, first to the design of the thematic route and then to the construction-intervention design.

Total Points

This picture indicates the path that our group followed in 3rd of March 2018. Our trip lasted 7 hours and 35 minutes. Throughout this trip to Pelion, every person had to mark through the app wikiloc, his points that met during the trip. I had to mark every house that was public (palace, museum, square and church). The total points were 20.

A “filtering” box inspired by photographer Letsios

In the second part of this course we made teams of 2 to 3 people. Me and my team created a “filtering” box that was inspired by the book of the photographer Letsios. Letsios was a photographer that was taking pictures in Pelion in 1960-1970. At first we took his images and we tried to shot pictures identical to his. In the construction part we created a “filtering” box in which we placed different layers made by light materials. Through those layers every person had the opportunity to see a different “perspective” of Letsio’s pictures. As a result taking something old, we created something new and different that “filtered” the image that you were seeing. In the picture above is indicated the construction that we did.